Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Sims 4 featuring Charlie Day and Oingo Boingo

This is a big campaign by EA to promote their new iteration of The Sims. We recorded voice over from Charlie Day, co-star of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, one of my favorite TV shows! EA licensed the 1985 song "Weird Science" from Oingo Boingo genius Danny Elfman. It was incredible to work with both Charlie, and the audio splits of this quirky rock classic. This spot was conformed for US and European TV with cutdowns. We also produced 6 shorter "The Sims 4 Academy" videos for the web, also with Charlie Day. My favorite is #3: Changing Moods featuring the "Cowplant." The rest of these silly, wacky, absurd and otherwise fun videos can be seen on The Sims 4 Trailers video playlist on YouTube.