Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - So epic.

I am incredibly proud of this series of videos. I spent over 2 months working with SF agency FCB dialing in a perfect mix. We explored a ton of alternate routes - music options, edits, picture changes, and sound effects until everything was absolutely the best. The mixes all had to be loud and powerful from beginning to end. The first spot below "The Breach" also had a catchy pop song driving the mix, and it took a lot of meticulous engineering to fit all the sound effects in there with limited dynamic range (hint: side-chain compression and multi-band compressors are my best friends). The protools session had well over 100 tracks! Everything was loud, but nothing clipped. I sound designed these spots with a combination of our own library at One Union, and a library of proprietary game sound effects provided by EA. I've always loved sound designing animation, and now the opportunity to work on giant sky explosions, medieval sword battles, magic spells, dragons - wow! The videos were all very well received by the fans, and I'm confident we did better than the best job possible promoting this highly anticipated video game.