Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bleacher Report: Sports remix of classic 1999 Blackalicious hit

Barrett SF brings exciting new life to this classic hip hop hit from 1999. The song runs through the alphabet and gets faster and faster towards the end. Now it has a new twist - all the lyrics are sports-related, to promote sports app Bleacher Report. The video is fantastic as it changes animation styles 26 times (once for each letter, two bars of the music). Visually stunning and musically entertaining, this ad is actually getting great feedback on YouTube. The "remix" is even available for purchase on iTunes, or download on Spotify. We mixed and remixed this music for a month or so, going through different versions of the lyrics and incorporating gobs of sound design for each little micro-vignette. We also produced a handful of cut-downs which posed the biggest audio challenge: editing music that gets faster and faster with every bar! Shoot Online gave us a charming write-up.