Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cicada Princess: Magical fairytale now online

This is one of the most magical projects I have ever been a part of. Produced during 2012, it was finished and released to festivals all over the country in 2013 including BAM Cinematek, Cinequest, South by Southwest, and SF International Film Festival. I had the pleasure of recording British comedian, actor and overall superb human Stephen Fry as he read the voice over for the film. The sound design took a few weeks, and the final mix was supervised by director Mauricio "Mauchi" Baiocchi and composer Jesse Clark. This is some of my best work to date. I was in the booth recording foley of dirt crumbling in my hands, metal scraping together, and pieces of scotch tape flapping together like wings. Tons of the finest SF Bay Area talent worked on this amazing piece -- camera operators, model builders, and puppeteers. It was an amazing team. It recently got some press on now that it is finally viewable on the small screen. I definitely hope the team sticks together and continues more amazing work like Cicada Princess! Mauchi is definitely a talented guy, and someone you want to keep your eye on.