Saturday, March 15, 2014

Samsung TV: Ana Ivonovic and Junior Dos Santos in 6 different languages

A great project brought in by SF agency EVB (Evolution Bureau). After three days, we had recorded scripts for 5 different videos in 6 different languages: English, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Latin American Spanish and European Spanish. I added a good deal of sound design on top of the project started by One Union Recording engineer Joaby Deal, which was fun especially over the long animated section at the end. Everything had to be funny but not obliterate the voice over, which was really where we spent most of our time in the session. This many videos in all these languages is a lot of work and a lot of organization. Scripts never come out to the same time when translated, so there were lots of compromises in the VO as we went through everything. Below is the Junior Dos Santos version, which has much more sound design and "dialog." Check out the Ana Ivonovic version, and see all the videos live in the Samsung Facebook app, where all the international versions are hosted in their different languages.