Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Unlucky Stars: Action-packed full-length feature!

This movie has a long story behind it: we started filming in 2010! The crew behind the film are all good friends of mine, including writer / director / co-star Dennis Ruel. I actually have a few on-camera cameos myself! Dennis and I spent a lot of time on the sound design and mix - sound effects are critical in an action sequence to "sell" the audience on all those hits. Unlucky Stars is guaranteed to delight all fans of the Bruce Lee / Jackie Chan action/comedy genre, as it is chock-full of references and inside jokes from dozens of its famous (and not-so-famous) predecessors. The film has already had a generous helping of positive reviews, has seen a few film festivals, and is currently under negotiation for distribution. Watch the trailer below (which I also mixed) and follow the movie at the official website: http://www.unluckystarsthemovie.com/