Tuesday, January 12, 2016

EA Origin Access with Bill Nye!

I got to record one of my childhood heroes, Bill Nye! SF Agency FCB created a series of videos promoting EA's online gaming service Origin Access. This series of spots was also sound-design intensive. We created a palette of futuristic sci-fi sounds for all the crazy floating graphics around Bill in the spots. There's also a few sections where multiple video game screens are floating around. It was a complicated task to keep it from sounding too messy. You may notice different sounds each time you watch! I also created most of the music for the campaign: The agency had an excellent piece of stock music for the beginning of each spot, but I composed the sound bed that lays under the majority of Bill's act, through to the end. Watch Bill's other spots for Origin Access as he explains The Theory of Relativity, and Darwin's Theory of Evolution (as they apply to video games, of course!)